Prioritize Yourself Woman!

Join us for a bad ass women's only retreat in Topanga, California.

October 19-21st, 2018


Lesson #1: 


enough to orchestrate getting to an amazing women's only weekend that will nourish your soul tremendously. Don't overthink it or listen to the voice in your head that usually suppresses your own needs. Just do it. When you follow your bliss magic happens. Prioritizing yourself is paramount to your success and happiness so let us help you help yourself.

The first problem women have is telling themselves no before they even have a chance. We are in our own way girl! Get out of your way and join us on the retreat. You know you want to ;)


Lesson #2: 


Get away from your overly dutiful life, get out into nature, and calm the noise. Open your heart and create a vision for the next chapter of your life. When we slow down we ultimately speed up because we can tune into OUR TRUTH. We stop spinning in confusion or indecision and we tune into our women's intuition. THIS is where true power lies.

You will set goals and envision the next chapter of your life, but this can only happen from a soul guided place if it's truly going stick. So when you escape from the noise of your life that's when the magic happens.

Lesson #3: 

STRATEGIC LIFE PLANNING Complete a Personal Proclamation that will support you in attaining the vision you have tuned into, as well as prioritizing yourself in your life every. damn. day. From here on out. This is the new normal ladies, no more everyone before momma. From now on you give yourself a seat at the table.

Walk away with a plan to execute on the vision of the next chapter of your life. Leave with a community of women who truly have your back, see you, and support you. You will have memories to last a lifetime and new lifelong momma friends who get it.

What Clients Say…

Lily Velazquez

Shereen has helped me to dump old programming and limiting mentalities that I had long outgrown but was still holding on to like a scared child holding a security blanket. She’s challenged me to say adios to lackluster, boring, below-par living that was dragging me down and suffocating my soul and has guided me to my own personal North Star, to what rings true for me and me alone. I’d call her a Courage Whisperer without a second thought. She’ll empower you to feel like a badass Or like a goddess. Or like a genius. Or like a sweet, beautiful soul at one with the world. Whatever your alter-ego of choice, Shereen will take you to that mountaintop with equal parts tough love the likes of a mama bear and equal parts heart-of-gold cheerleader who believes in you and what you want to achieve.

Jigna Babla Shah

The group coaching experience with Shereen has forced me to truly examine my life–and ask myself:‘Is this the path that I want to continue on?’ It has given me a safe place of self-reflection where I can look at the beliefs and challenges that hold me back (my proverbial box) and find ways to not only escape that box, but flip those challenges and weaknesses and use them as strengths to help me achieve my goals and reach a life that is more fulfilling to me.Once you identify the things that are not-fulfilling you in the ways you would like, Shereen’s non-judgemental, light-hearted, kick-your-ass-through-kindness approach pushes and challenges you to take the next step and take real action towards a more satisfying life! No one’s goals are exactly the same–and Shereen doesn’t push you to want the same life or same goals as anyone else–she accepts you where you are at, and helps you feel excited about moving forward and making real change! The group coaching atmosphere is amazing! I feel like I am learning from each and every person in my group who shares their challenges and issues! Shereen respectfully manages the group dynamic with a great blend of teaching, private self-reflection, and group sharing.

Shana Lloyd

Shereen’s own rebel-ness enabled me to break out of my box, and become the rebel I always knew lived inside. After a year of major change, I wanted to take it to the next level and get rid of the remaining blocks and soar to new heights. Her enthusiasm and coaching tools allowed me to do just that. Using Shereen’s homework assignments, intention setting and affirmations, allowed me to see the road ahead more as more realistic. In the few short weeks we’ve been working together, I already secured a new work opportunity and have started to break out of my relationship blocks. Thanks Shereen, you really are a game changer!

Meet the Team


Music, Yoga, Reiki Massage & Sound Bath Facilitator

Kim Girard

Certified Professional Coach (CPC) & Co-Facilitator

Tanya Porquez

Mom Boss, Biz Strat Expert & A/V Queen

About Shereen Thor

SHEREEN THOR is an Executive Coach, Host, Author & Retreat Facilitator

dedicated to helping people cut through the noise of life and bring forth our inner truth. 

Born and raised a Cali girl with an east coast no BS vibe she’s created Awaken

The Rebel, a socially conscious digital movement that reaches thousands.

Through leading retreats, coaching, hosting, speaking and writing she makes an impact and spreads the message of being truly lit up and alive rather than just following mindless societal rules.

Shereen is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) from the Insitute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC), she has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Communication Studies from California State University Fullerton (CSUF), and

she has immersed herself in Leadership Development education through the Personal Success Institute (PSI) to hone her leadership expertise. 

She is passionate about working with moms because she knows they do the

most important job on the world and are grossly undervalued by our society. She believes they all deserve to make six figures and get promotions just like the rest

of the workforce, but she knows motherhood is a self-employed position, so she

offers retreats to support their inner CEO in elevating themselves instead.